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Simon Wu

Marketing and Operations

Marketing maestro, operations ace. Wields data and strategy like twin swords, slashing through chaos to find clarity and success.


Lorenzo Vega

Design and Development

The 1.3% design whiz and 98.7% mad scientist combo. He's all about creating products using 'pure thought funnels' - a term only he could invent. Buckle up for this life hack: don't try to understand it, just enjoy the wild, wonderful ride!


Dreaming up home and office products with a twist. Join us on our mission to make every day better, one innovative design at a time


Picture this: 2020, we're all cozied up (read: stuck) at home, slogging through work in our impromptu home offices. Among the mess and clutter, a stroke of genius strikes: what if desk organization could be... simple? Revolutionary, right?

Enter the traditional desk drawer. 300 years old, and honestly? Showing its age. Limits abound, organization seems a myth, and we knew there had to be a better way. So we rolled up our sleeves and invented the Otis Organizer System.

Wave goodbye to that cavernous old drawer. Say hello to smart, customizable compartments. Practical? You bet. And the benefits? They're practically endless. And with that, the Otis Organizer System didn't just transform desk organization - it gave birth to Practiko. Jump in, and let's make life a little simpler together.

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