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Simon Wu

Marketing and Operations

Design afficionado. Spends more time than he should trying to find ways to simplify things.


Lorenzo Vega

Design and Development

1.3% designer, 98.8% mad scientist. Likes products designed "using only pure thought funnels" . . . whatever that may mean.

Our goal at Practiko is to provide better products for the office and home, that think outside of the box, and help you live and easier and better life.

The idea for our Otis Organizer System was born during the 2020 pandemic, a period we all spent too much time being and working from home. It was during this unique time, under stress, trying to get work done in our makeshift home office space, messy and cluttered, that we wanted to come up with a simpler and better solution to desk organization.

Invented about 300 years ago, traditional desk drawers are extremely limited in what they can provide and do for our offices. Moreover, keeping them organize is simply impossible. Our Otis Organizer System provides a solution that is infinitely more practical. Instead of one large drawer for everything, smaller customizable spacing makes so much more sense, with an almost endless list of benefits. With the launch of Otis, Practiko was born.

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