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Otis Organizer System

Desk Organization Reimagined

A simpler and better way to organize  your workspace. This is how drawers should be.


Otis-WoodDesk - Crop.jpg

Maximize Space Efficiency

Our Otis Organizer System is compact but highly efficient which helps you make the most out of your space.

A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Designed with practical dividers, our Otis Organizer trays can be customized for your needs. It can fit smaller things, larger things, and anything in between.

Large-Trays - Crop - S.jpg
Tower-Pullout - S.jpg

FINALLY - Trays that Fit Perfectly

Originally designed to fit files and documents, traditional drawers lack the necessary segmentation which always results in desk clutter. Our trays are sized to fit your work essentials perfectly.


An incredibly smart and clever clutter solution

- Design Wanted

Otis Uso Black - S.jpg

Keep your Workspace Organized

The trays on Otis can also be removed to improve workflow - and stored when done, which helps keep your desk free of clutter. 

The Otis Rack desk organizer

will keep your workstations tidy


- Trend Hunter


A Better Way to Organize Your Desk

More flexibility, less clutter, easier access, increased productivity

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