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Paper overconsumption is killing our planet. Every year, Americans use 85 million tons of paper. To produce this 68 million trees are cut down. This process also causes massive air and water pollution

The simple act of reusing paper can help make a positive impact on our environment 🌎

Compact design

Paper Guardian is half the size of a clipboard. Its smaller footprint is of a medium-sized notebook - a practical size for everyday use.


Easy to carry

With its smaller size, it's easy to take with you on the go. Whether you're heading to class, work, or just out and about, it's the perfect size to slip into your daily bag!

Takes up less desk space

Unlike clunky clipbards, Paper Guardian's compact design takes up no space. Perfect for keeping your workspace tidy and organized!

DesktopFriendly - Square.jpg

How it works

Paper Guardian Notebook comes with an integrated edge that lets you resize letter and A4 sized scrap papers in half. This edge is safe to the touch and airplane friendly.


1. Place paper on guide (letter or A4)

2. Cut downwards to resize (in half)

3. Write and enjoy!

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Stores up to 60 pages

Holds up to 60 sheets of paper, so you can keep a good supply of paper handy for all your writing needs. Whether you're taking notes, making lists, or jotting down ideas, you'll always have plenty of paper to work with!

Keeps your pages organized

Comes with dividers to keep you pages organized - such as separating the "new" from "used" as well as create different categories for your notes and ideas. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for and stay organized!


Made of 100% recycled materials

In order to make it even more environmentally friendly, Paper Guardian is made out of 100% recycled materials - including ABS plastic and steel.

Will save you a lot of money

Did you know the average person uses up to 800 notebooks in their lifetime? This notebook is infinitely refillable so you can save money and reduce waste.

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Here are some other great design features we now you'll appreciate

. . . and we really thought of every single little detail.

LowProfile - Square.jpg

Low profile design

At only 5/8" thick, writing on Paper Guardian is extremely comfortable. Specially on those areas where you hand rolls of the edge and onto the tabletop.

Magnetic closure

Designed with a magnetic closure to minimize moving parts. This helps ensure longevity so that you can use it for years to come.


Letter and A4 paper compatibility

Compatible with the most popular paper sizes in most countries so that you can use it anywhere you go.

Unique clip that maximizes surface area

In the development process we thought of every little detail to make it the most comfortable eco-notebook to write on - such as this innovative clip that minimizes the clipping area to maximize the writing area.


We can all make a difference one sheet at a time

A world with less waste, greener trees, cleaner air, and safer water - that's our mission through Paper Guardian.

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