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​The mothership of all pegboards to take your desk organization to the next level

(Coming Soon)

Pegboards, old faithfuls of organization, keep getting cooler with each innovative addition. Inspired by this, we've conducted an exhaustive study, sifted through every pegboard upgrade and accessory in existence, and sprinkled in our special enhancements. Now, your trusty pegboard is ready to go above and beyond for your workspace.

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Versatile cable management

A sublevel area to organize and take control of all your cables, power bricks, charger, and more. Custom modules include - large power tray, cable organizers, top cable runner.

Organize your bag, headphones, and other essentials

We’ve also developed a line of essential modules to make Pegzilla even more incredible. These include
a headphone/backpack hook, a reversible cork/magnetic whiteboard for enhanced productivity, magnetic strips, and more.

Comments (3)
Aug 14

Looking forward to this one for my standing desk! Hoping it comes in silver/gray


Aug 11

omg when is this product coming out?! I need this in my life!!! I have a very small working space and a lot of computer gear/ gadgets that I need to organize! Please release this ASAP!!


Jul 25

I love this idea and would use at my desk and in my sewing room!!

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