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Otis Rack is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter

Otis Rack is now live on Kickstarter. A simpler and better way to get organized.

Project Background

Invented in the 17th century, drawers are the go-to system for desk organization. However, their lack of compartmentalization causes things to always end up cluttered.

Introducing Otis Rack

Inspired by multi-compartment tool organizers, Otis Rack is a desk organizer that provides better segmentation and faster access to your things. It uses a system of adjustable trays that can be configured to fit different needs. This makes it easier to organize, access, and find what you need.

The trays on Otis Rack are removable and can be used as “storable” desktop trays. This helps eliminate desktop clutter. Otis Rack was designed in two sizes, a smaller “Hanger” and larger “Tower.” These can be used independently or combined into different configurations.

Check the KS campaign for more details:

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