Otis Rack Design update

Hey Guys,

This week at Practiko we will be working on the final design for Otis Rack. Although the overall design is quite simple, and we want to keep it this way, the bulk of our work will be centered around the details.

Confirmed Updates:

  • A flat-pack design - this will help us get Otis Rack to more people and help fight some of our shipping costs which have skyrocketed.

  • Soft stops for the trays - to add a level of security

Currently in Consideration

  • Consolidated tray sizes - through additional testing and feedback we are considering consolidating the tray sizes for Otis Tower and Otis Hanger. Allowing them to be interchangeable will provide an added level of flexibility.

We will be posting more specific updates and pictures during the week!


Simon + Lorenzo

Practiko |

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