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Otis Rack Production Delay

New Delivery Date: Jan 28, 2022

Hey there,

We’d like to inform you that Otis Rack will be facing some production delays. Although we had originally given ourselves extra time to complete the project due to 1) Murphy’s Law and 2) an initial understanding of Covid’s impact on global supply chain and manufacturing, we slightly underestimated point #2.

The current global shortage of material and labor, shipping price spikes and disruptions, have caused the general production process to be much slower and often unpredictable. However, we will do our best and continue to work closely with our manufacturer to wrap this project up as soon as we can.

Also, just to provide further shipping clarification, as with many other Kickstarter Projects, once the shipping process begins, we will need 2-4 weeks (approx) to ship all our orders out. This is due to the quantity of orders that have to each be individually checked, packed, and labelled before it can be shipped out. So although we will start shipping on Jan 28, not all orders will be going out the same day.

We know you are looking forward to receiving your Otis Rack and want to truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Practiko Team |

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