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Otis Rack Production Update

Hi there,

It’s been two months since our last update, our plan was to start shipping Otis Rack by mid to end of May, so we'd like to get you up to speed.

Production Complete - Products Still In Packaging

Production for Otis Rack is now complete and below are some of the pictures that were sent to us by our factory. Here you can see pictures of pre-painted partially assembled products as well as finished products.


Here are some pictures of the carton packaging - nothing fancy here but it works. *Note that the nesting picture was from our packaging development so the product being used was not yet painted.

Otis Tower Trays - Quality Issue Send Back

During the packaging process, our factory noticed that a portion of the plastic trays, which were manufactured at a separate factory, had some previously unnoticed warping which would affect its use. They had to spend quite some time rechecking everything but ultimately only the larger trays for Otis Tower presented these quality issues. The larger trays have all been sent back to the plastic factory where they will be checked on by one, sub-standard trays will be set aside for recycling, and new replacement trays will have to be produced. Since these trays are designed with milimetric precision, it's not something that can be seen in pictures, but a problem that's noticed when in use.

So . . . What’s Next?

We are waiting to hear back from the plastic tray factory so that we can understand 1) how long this new inspection will take (they have to go through approximately 1,500 trays individually) 2) what percentage of the trays are affected 3) when the replacement trays can be finished.

While we resolve this issue and since this problem only affects parts of our entire production, we are going to go forward with shipping what we can - so Otis Hanger as well as well as what we can from Otis Tower.

We will update you soon when the first products are shipped out and thank you again for your support!


Practiko Team |

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