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Our Next Steps and Milestones

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Hey Guys,

Just so that everybody is on the same page, we’d like to share with you some of the things we've been working on and will continue working on during these coming months. Although we’d love to be able to ship Otis Rack out as soon as possible, there are a list of steps we need to go through in order to ensure that you will receive the best possible product!


Final Product Design (Now - Aug 30)

We are currently working on our final product design. Although the sample we used on Kickstarter looks and works fantastic, this has to be further refined and perfected.

  • Some of the major things we are working on are a flat-pack design (for easier shipping) and a tray soft stop.

Prototyping / Refinement / Engineering (Aug 30 - Sept 15)

  • We have to test and tweak all parts so that they fit and work smoothly together.

  • These have been designed with production processes that will help provide you with the highest quality product.

  • Our final prototypes will have to go through a process of testing (stress, friction, weight, etc) in which we further perfect the design.

Packaging Design and Production (Sept 01 - Sept 15)

Towards the end of the previous prototyping stage we have to finalize our packaging. Packaging has to properly protect Otis Rack from potential damage while being warehoused and shipped.

Tooling (Sept 20 - Nov 1)

After our final design is confirmed we start tooling. This is where we prepare molds, jigs, and templates which help with having a consistent quality.

Production + Packaging (Nov 1 - Dec 15)

Once tooling is ready we start the production process. This will consist of an initial run to check our production quality followed by our main run.

Shipping (Dec 15 2020 - Feb 2021)

And here is when shipping starts and you will be able to receive and enjoy your Otis Rack!

As always, if there are any questions you guys have feel free to reach out to us!


Practiko Team

Practiko |

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