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Production Delay (Covid Lockdown at Factory)

Dear Backers,

We know you are all extremely eager to receive your Otis Rack’s soon so that you can finally get your desks in order. However, just when we thought no other issue could possibly arise, our suppliers all of a sudden have to deal with yet another Covid lockdown.

The rules of this lockdown vary from city to city and started a few weeks ago. Overall shipping is being restricted, mobility is limited, and many people are having to work from home. This is majorly affecting our factory's speed and work capacity.

This means that we find ourselves having to extend our last April 15 target deadline by an additional 4-6 weeks (hopefully not more than that).

New Production Target Date: May 15-30

We wanted to announce this earlier but we weren’t sure how serious or long this new lockdown would be and were hoping it would be lifted earlier without affecting our production. As always, announcing delays is the last thing we want to do and we are absolutely hating Covid right now. But we also like to remind ourselves that this problem is also affecting many other businesses around the world and not just us. So we’d like to ask everybody to please sit tight as we try to work through this as best as we can.

Thank you very much for your support and patience.

Kind Regards,

Practiko Team |

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