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Production Update and Delay

Hey there,

Happy 2022! It’s been quite a while and we’d like to get you up to speed with Otis Rack.

Production Update

Tray Molds and Trays

The production of our trays has started. The molds turned out great and the trays look beautiful. Production for these will finish within the next 10 days or so.


However, the metal racks are being produced by a different manufacturer and they are still waiting for some materials to arrive. Chinese New Year is around the corner and China will close during the entire month of February. Due to this, unfortunately, even if they are able to get a start before break, the bulk of production will finish after Chinese New Year. This means that after QC and packing, the new delivery schedule will have to be pushed back to April.

New Delivery Date: April, 2022

Design Update

In order to address the “transparency” concern some of you brought up, we have added some mesh trim to cover some of the open areas. We had to reengineer a few things in order to make this happen. Renders always tend to look weird and the final product will look much better in person.

Thank you again for your support!


Practiko Team |

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