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Truss: Magazine and Documents Organizer

Organize your magazines and documents, keep things tidy, declutter your desk, and create more desk space



Keep your Magazines and Documents organized

Truss keeps all your books and magazines organized while being instantly accessible. It clips-on easily and will free up your desk space!

Compatible with Hanging File Folders

Designed to be compatible with hanging file folders - easily manage your tasks and declutter your desk.


Extremely Firm

Truss is extremely strong and firm. Here it's shown with approximately 15 pounds of books and magazines - while showing no flex or bending.

Beautiful Minimal Design

Minimally designed, Truss is made with powder coated steel and a recycled premium felt.


"I LOVE this product! It's simple but very practical. Cleared up my desk instantly and added another "level" to my desk setup."

Vivianne Ling

Interior designer, Organizing consultant


"As a fan of keeping things organized, this organizer is a must have. It's simple to install, looks great, and it's surprisingly sturdy."

James Pagsisian

Office productivity afficionado

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