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Organizing the Unorganized: The Birth of the Otis System

Tackling the Chaos: The Organizational Challenge

Life for me has always been akin to a never-ending match with my worthy opponent: organization. The stakes? High productivity, precious saved time, and a firm grip on life's busy schedule. I've always known the payoff, so I've dedicated a lifetime trying to outmaneuver this slick contender and master the finesse of the organizational game.

From Home to Office: The Pandemic Struggle

When the pandemic hit, it was like someone took my home, shook it up like a snow globe, and then said, "There, now it's an office too." As if a virus reshaping the world wasn't stressful enough, I had my hands full with my three-year-old and newborn's nocturnal antics. My home-turned-office was starting to look like a messy drawer personified - a problem that, as I soon found out, was more common than I thought among my acquaintances.

A Spark in the Dark: The Idea

In the midst of this whirlwind, a light bulb moment had me sprinting to my buddy Lorenzo, a fellow aficionado of untangling problems. The idea? To create a solution to the pesky clutter that turns drawers into miniature black holes. He was instantly hooked.

From Tools to Trays: The Brainstorming Journey

Our quest for inspiration took us down some interesting avenues. Among them, we found the diverse world of hardware and tool organization products strangely intriguing. It struck us - why should hammers and wrenches have all the fun, when our office tools were just as deserving? The potential of removable tray organizers, with their customizable dividers and unmatched versatility, caught our eye. And thus, our mission was set - to design an equally innovative solution for the humble office, the Otis System.

Fitting the Pieces: The Custom Solution

Right from the start, we recognized that designing office products required a different approach compared to hardware tools. With this in mind, we embarked on a journey of exploration, flipping our desks and workspaces upside down, meticulously examining the usual suspects hiding within desk drawers. Throughout the concept development phase, we encountered a plethora of intriguing ideas, ranging from practical to outlandish.

However, after much refining, we proudly present our ultimate creation: a versatile multi-product system featuring custom-made drawers that seamlessly embrace our workspaces.


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